Floating Butter Biscuits

Floating Butter Biscuits recipe

It’s not a whole meal, but I could eat just biscuits and be very content.
It’s taken me a lot of practice to come up with a recipe that I really like. The cream biscuits are good, but these were better.
I just eyeballed this batch, and thankfully, they were perfectly moist, buttery, and flaky.

Floating Butter Biscuits



  • Three cups or so self-rising flour
  • Twelve tablespoons/one and a half sticks refrigerated butter
  • Approximately two cups (or more as necessary) of half and half
  • More flour to dust with

Floating Butter Biscuits


  • Turn up your oven to 425°F (220°C).
  • On a cheese grater, shred the frozen butter into the self-rising flour.
  • When the mixture resembles coarse crumbs, cut the shredded butter into the flour with a pastry cutter or fork.Floating Butter Biscuits
  • Stirring with a fork until the dough just comes together, gradually add the half and half,
  • eyeballing the quantity. Watch out not to combine too much.
  • Out on a surface dusted with flour, turn the dough out. Lightly pat it out to a thickness of about one inch.
  • Cut biscuits with a biscuit cutter or a drinking glass, then arrange the pieces on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet, separating them for crispier edges or touching for softer sides.
    Bake until tops of biscuits are golden brown, 12 to 15 minutes.
  • Take out of the oven and, using a wire rack, let to cool somewhat. Served warm, top with butter or other favourites.
  • Savor your mouthwatering home-made biscuits!

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