on buttered toast

Classic Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast Recipe

 how to make it

Mixed flour (I use all purpose flour) with milk till smooth (use amount milk you want for the amount of gravy, I used about 2 cups milk, about 1/4 cup flour, there’s just 2 of us), added to beef and stirring continuously till thickens into the gravy, add sliced hard boiled eggs (I used 4 eggs), give it a min or two before serving to heat the eggs up.
I don’t add salt till after I taste because dried beef has salt in it.
Serve on buttered toast, biscuits or even crackers
Pic 1 dried beef I used (brand is not important)
dried beef I used (brand is not important)
Pic 2 sautéed beef
sautéed beef
Pic 3 gravy done
 gravy done
Pic 4 on buttered toast
on buttered toast
Note: You can adjust the quantity of milk and wheat required to produce as much or as little as you need. To combine the flour and milk, I find that shaking it works best. Nevertheless, after shaking, make sure to open or loosen the top, or else it will explode! If you’d like, add a can of peas.

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