Smokey Mountain Chicken sandwiches recipe

I whipped up some delicious Smokey Mountain Chicken sandwiches for lunch today, perfect for Hubs and our hardworking ranch hands. It was a total success and I definitely need to do this more often because it was a breeze. If you haven’t tried making these, I hope you’ll have a blast watching me whip them up.

step 1

Preheat oven to 400. Using a meat mallet, pound out 5-6 small chicken breast cutlets on a cutting board, add a little salt and pepper. Heat 4T oil in a large skillet over medium high heat as you’re pounding the meat then , brown cutlets on each side until done. While chicken is cooking, line a baking sheet w foil. Lay 8 strips of bacon cut in half on the foil. Bake bacon about 10 minutes or until done then pull bacon pan from oven and set aside, grease and all.

Preparing Chicken Cutlets with Bacon

step 2

Line another baking sheet halfway with foil creating edges to hold the chicken juices. Transfer cutlets to the foil lined portion of the pan, brushing Aldi bbq sauce on both sides. I was a loyal Baby Rays fan until I tried Aldis. It’s better and exactly 1/3 of the cost. My family would eat bbq sauce on everything if possible so I keep several on hand.

 baking sheet halfway

step 3

Lightly Spread both sides of your hamburger buns with butter. Place on the unlined side of your pan.

Lightly Spread both

step 4

Prep the chicken. Place three (half) strips of the bacon on each cutlet then lightly sprinkle with grated cheddar.Prep the chicken.

step 5

Ready to pop into the oven. Remember….it’s still on 400. Watch closely so the rolls don’t burn.

Ready to pop into the oven. Remember

step 6

Nicely browned buns and melted cheese is what you’re after. Bingo!

step 7

step 7

Assembly. Squirt a tad little more bbq sauce on each side of the buns. (Bc it kind of bakes off)

step 7

Viola! Lunch is served cowboys! They absolutely loved this w a big pitcher of sweet iced tea to wash it all down. There was fruit salad on the side for those who chose to do so. Slaw would be good too. Hope you try these. You can grill your cutlets if you have time.


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