100 years old fruit cake recipe

I grew up on this fruit cake

All fruit and nut fruit cake. No flour, no eggs, the binding ingredient is Eagle Brand milk. You can 1/2 or 1/4 the recipe.


my mother handwritten recipe

100 years old fruit cake recipe

NOTES to make good old fruit cake recipe

Be sure and use Eagle Brand milk.
I save out about a cup of pecans and green and Red cherries to press Into the top about half way through cooking. If you don’t like coconut you can leave it out.
This cake is fairly expensive to make. But a little goes a long way!
I always wrap mine well and store indefinitely in the freezer. Remove from freezer about a day ahead of time. It will probably cost you around $100.00 because of the candied fruits.
You may want to start by quartering the measurements

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for fruit nut cake

Q: Does this recipe make two cakes?

A: no, but you can 1/2 or 1/4 the recipe OR make it in multiple smaller loaf type pans. So there are ways to accommodate your needs.
Hope this helps
Q: Is this the ice box fruit cake in the pan?
A: no
Q: would it be possible to cut the recipe ingredients in half and make a smaller cake? This sounds wonderful but would be too much for my family. I think it’d be ok to do. What do you think? Thanks for the recipe
A: Yes easily. Just pick a smaller pan to match the amount. You could Quarter it and use a smaller loaf pan. I wrote that somewhere, but seems it got lost in the responses. Sorry. But, glad you asked!!

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